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Building inspections focused on providing detailed reports for clients
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Our property inspections and reports give you peace of mind before you complete a sale

Property inspections are a common part of the New Zealand real estate market, usually forming part of the conditions of a purchase.

Inspections report on the condition of the property and highlight any areas that may need work or maintenance in the near future.

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There are two common types of property inspection.

Pre-sale inspections - If you are planning to put your home on the market, then a pre-sale inspection can be done beforehand. This inspection highlights any areas that might need work before you sell and anything that could prove dealbreakers or stumbling blocks for buyers. You may provide the report to potential buyers but don't be offended if they request their own. We recommend that you get your pre-sale inspection done at least 2 weeks before putting your property on the market to give you time to rectify any minor issues.

Pre-purchase inspections - If you have put in an offer on a property, then you can make a pre-purchase inspection one of the conditions of sale. Inspection reports help you to make an informed decision. You may choose to go ahead with the purchase, negotiate with the seller to get some repairs done or break off your sale. You may also need to present the inspection report to your bank or mortgage lender. Even if a vendor has undertaken a pre-sale inspection, it is recommended to get your own independent inspection done. 
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First Building Reports completes property inspection reports for homes across Christchurch and the surrounding area. Book your inspection online today or contact us if you have any questions.
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Thorough and detailed property inspections prior to sale or purchase

  • Thorough inspections of the interior and exterior
  • Comprehensive reports covering defects and required action
  • Experienced inspectors with an eye for detail
First Building Reports works throughout Christchurch and surrounding areas.

Our comprehensive inspections cover all aspects of your property

Our building reports highlight any high-risk areas of the property along with any defects found during our site visit. Each defect is given a colour as part of our traffic light system to show how severe each defect is, along with any required next steps. Our inspections cover:

Roof: including the type and condition and any additions such as skylights or chimneys

Roof Space: including the levels of insulation, any visible structural defects and any signs of leaks or borer

Exterior Cladding & Joinery: including the type and conditions of any joinery and cladding and any additions such as decks, patios or balconies

Sub-Floor: including the foundation types and condition and any underfloor insulation (for properties which do not have concrete slab foundations)

Services: details given on the type of service and any installation dates recorded
       Electrical - including all wiring, switchboard and fuses and the meter box
       Plumbing - including the pipework and the hot water cylinder

Interior: general condition of all rooms

Site: including other structures such as garages and outbuildings, fencing and retaining walls.

We also carry out non-invasive moisture testing to look for damp issues and leaks.

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Building inspections focused on providing detailed reports for clients. Christchurch wide.
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